Tournament Rules

—Event is open to everyone.  You do not need to be a LKA Club Member to participate.

 —This is a fund raising event to benefit The “Heroes on the Water” organization   

— Entry Fee – $30 non-club members
                            $25 club members

— Captain’s Meeting is mandatory unless preapproved by the Tournament Director (TD).  Location is TBD.  Registration will be between 6:30-7:30 with a short Captains Meeting and raffle to follow.  We will also have the Best Damn Tackle Box raffle (for each unopened tackle that you donate (limit 10 pieces per person), you will get one ticket – winning ticket takes the entire box)

—You must sign a liability waiver. Under 18 years of age need a parent’s signature or they will not be allowed to compete.

— All participants will be launching from the same ramp. Paradise Boat Landing – 1451 Chandler Rd, Awendaw, SC 29429

—All state laws and any regulations specific to the body of water we are fishing must be followed, including PFD rules, whistle rules, and light rules.

—You must have a valid SC Saltwater Fishing License; DNR is very likely to be at the ramp.

— A PFD must be worn while on the water during the tournament.

—Only paddle or peddle powered craft allowed. (Kayaks, Canoes, SUP) No electric motors or sails permitted

—No Towing, unless injury, handicap, or loss of paddle/drive system.

—This is a Catch, Photograph & Release format – Longest Aggregate length of a single Speckled Sea Trout and a single Red Fish. 

—No restrictions on bait.  Live, cut/dead, artificial and flies are all acceptable.  All SC DNR rules apply to applicable bait

—No restrictions on number of lines in the water.  Trolling is permitted.

—Fish will be measured to the nearest ¼ inch, last touched line. If the fish in laying in-between lines, judge’s discretion will be used.

— ENTIRE fish must be visible in the picture.  If the head or tail is cut off, fish will not be scored.

—-The tournament identifier (given at time of registration) must be present in the picture.  No identifier, No fish!! TD must be able to distinguish the identifier is the issued for the 2020 BaP.

— Measuring device must be approved by Tournament Director

—Mouth must be closed (Sea Trout) for the picture.  A .5” deduction will be taken for an open mouth. 

— Tournament Start time will be at safe light which will be announced at the Captains Meeting. 

— Tournament end time will be announced at the Captains Meeting.

—Ties – In the event of a tie in total inches the first tie breaker will be the largest redfish caught, in the event that both fish are the same length the  second tie breaker will be the time when the fish was caught with the earliest time getting the win.

—It is expected that you fish at least 50 yards away from another angler unless you have spoken to that angler. Please make your best effort to not cut anyone off. This is a curtesy rule!

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