About LKA

Lowcountry Kayak Anglers, Inc. is a not-for-profit kayak fishing club.
LKA in Media/Print:
Our Purpose:
- Promote and support the sport of kayak fishing in southeast South Carolina.
Our Goals as an Organization:
- Organize area kayak fishermen in southeast South Carolina.
- Educate kayak anglers on the safe and responsible pursuit of kayak fishing.
- Promote fellowship and provide a fun meeting place for kayak fishermen.
- Sponsor events, group outings, and kayak fishing tournaments.
- Provide public presence to protect interests of kayak fishermen.
We have two levels of annual membership: individual ($25) and family ($50) - with the family membership covering you, your spouse/significant other, and your minor children (under 18) living in the household.  LKA does not offer prorated dues.

Our club's calendar year begins April 1st.  We planned this to take advantage of warmer kayak fishing months, and use the colder months for conducting the bulk of club business without cutting into people's fishing time.

Membership dues cover expenses of the club - food at cookouts, materials for the execution of club sponsored tournaments, club items voted on by membership, etc.  All major expenditures require a majority vote of membership, as per our club bylaws.
Membership Benefits
- 10% club discount at participating tackle shops and retailers.
- Discounted entry fees for club-conducted tournaments.
- The “Angler of the Year” competition, which is open to paid members only.
Questions?  A club officer will be happy to answer your questions about the Lowcountry Kayak Anglers.  Please email us or see an officer at a club event.
History of the Lowcountry Kayak Anglers
LKA can trace its roots back to a 2011 post on the Charleston Fishing kayak forum, where there was discussion about forming a team to travel to different tournaments – splitting expenses, etc. These discussions eventually lead to calls to form a kayak fishing club. They held one meeting, at Time Out Sports, and decided to start holding regular get-togethers, called a “Meet and Fish”. These would go on to be organized faithfully by Justin Carter. A formal club never came out of that very first meeting, but a solid core of kayak fishermen kept the monthly gatherings going throughout 2012 and 2013.

Around mid-2013, Justin’s work schedule changed, and he asked Lewis Brownlee and Darrell Olson to assume the scheduling duties of the monthly get-togethers.

In early 2014, Lewis posted another thread on Charleston Fishing, to gauge interest of the local kayak anglers to finally organize into a formal club. This idea was well received and led to a meeting held at the West Ashley Charleston Angler, attended by almost 20 kayak anglers. Initial officers and committees were elected. The name “Lowcountry Kayak Anglers” was chosen by majority vote.

In the months that followed, more meetings were conducted where attendees voted on bylaws and other organizing matters. The monthly “Meet and Greets” continued, too. In July 2014, the group voted on formal club officers, and also voted on rebooting a local “Heroes on the Water” chapter that had recently folded.

LKA conducted its first tournament in October 2014, the Redfishville Shootout, which was originally established five years prior by Ken Bergmann – continuing its tradition of raising money for HOW.

LKA was officially incorporated in South Carolina in January of 2015.

The Lowcountry SC Chapter of Heroes on the Water held it's first event on Lake Moultrie at Hatchery WMA on April 25, 2015.  The chapter held 5 separate events catering to our veterans and active-duty warriors in 2015.

The Lowcountry Kayak Anglers crowned its very first Angler of the Year, with Joshua Swain winning the 2015 prize.  The 2015 contest ran over eight months, with a different target species each month.

The Lowcountry Kayak Anglers awarded 2016 Angler of the Year to Dave Jaskiewicz.  Junior Angler was presented to Joe Quick, and Sarah Billig was recognized as Lady Angler.

The Lowcountry SC Chapter of Heroes On The Water kicked-off the 2017 event year with a fleet of new kayaks - four Jackson Cruise 12's and two Wilderness Systems Tarpon 13 Tandems - purchased with money raised from member's donations, LKA club donation, and tournament proceeds, along with all the pfds, paddles, and accessories.  Darrell Olson donated another Jackson Cruise 12 that he won in a raffle to the fleet as well!
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