Sunday, April 1, 2018

2018 Angler of the Year Begins!

Welcome to the 2018 club year - let's get this party started with the target-species for the first month of the 2018 club year...The April fish for the LKA Angler of the Year is:

 Identifier Word: "PO PO- write this on a card or any other item, and have it visible in your picture along with the fish.  Fish must be on a measuring device with mouth at zero and tail at measurement.

Here's an example pic of a fish submission for our club's AOY:
Example of Submission Pic for AOY
Good Luck!

What is the LKA "Angler of the Year"?

The LKA "Angler of the Year" - it is like a big fishing tournament for our paid club members.

The Angler of the Year competition will run from April 1st until the last day of November. Each month, there will be a specific species that the angler will need to catch to enter into the tournament (via catch/photo/release). These pictures are sent to the AOY email address ( by the close of each month for scoring.

Your goal is to catch the biggest fish of the target species for that month.  Anglers will be ranked in order of length, with a point value given: first place (largest fish) gets 200 points for the month, second gets 199, third 198, and so on. These points accrue over the course of the tournament, and at the conclusion of the tournament, the angler with the most points will be crowned "LKA Angler of the Year".  The highest-finishing minor of a club family member will be awarded "Junior Angler of the Year".  Awards will be presented at the December cookout.

Angler of the Year Rules:
  • Fish must be caught in South Carolina waters, in public waterways. No private freshwater or saltwater ponds.
  • Fish must be caught out of a kayak under human-power. No trolling motors.
  • Each month will have a unique identifier - our AOY identifier will be a word or phrase, written on any item, to have in the photo with the fish being submitted. IDENTIFIER WORD/PHRASE MUST BE VISIBLE IN YOUR PICTURE.
  • This is a Catch/Photo/Release tournament. You can keep fish, but please heed all regulations in regards to keeping fish.
  • The ENTIRE FISH must be visible in the picture, on a fish ruler/manufactured ruler, with fish's nose on zero and tail extended. Longest point of the tail is the measurement. You can pinch the tail. Kayak must be visible in picture. Identifier with unique word/phrase must be visible in picture as well.  We recommend a ruler with visible lines and numbers - such as the 321Fish, Hawg Trough, or similar measuring device for the most accurate measurement.
  • The AOY email address is Pictures are due by 11:59 PM on the last day of each month. Pictures submitted after the cutoff will NOT be scored.
  • Tournament Director has final say in all scoring.  Tournament Director may modify rules for certain species.
  • Fish length determines placement. First place (biggest fish) for the month will receive 200 points, with a descending point total down to the bottom-ranked angler who submitted pics. Those club members who do not submit a picture for the month will be given a base score of 20 points and be ranked alphabetically. In the event of a tie, the picture that was sent in earliest to the tournament email address will be the winner.
  • Club members who join after the tournament's first month will be credited 10 points per month of tournament that was missed.
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