Sunday, October 15, 2017

LKA Catfish Tournament Report

LKA's first catfish tourney is in the books...19 anglers took to the waters of the Hatchery to find three big cats to score for competition. 3rd place went to Rob Birchmeier with 58.75". Will Roy came in second with 59.75". And the 1st place prize went to Dave Jaskiewicz with a whopping 93.50".  Thanks to all who came out to fish with us. Thanks to Josh Swain, Robert Maccubbin, Joseph Rochester, Chris Tweedy, and Greg Bartle for wonderful tourney support!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

LKA September Angler of the Month

The Lowcountry Kayak Anglers wishes to congratulate Dave Jaskiewicz of Mount Pleasant - he is the Angler of the Month for September 2017.
Dave caught a 20.25" speckled seatrout, and with his winning catch he gets a $20 gift certificate.  He just edged out Jim Morrissey, who also caught a 20.25" trout, but Dave won the tiebreaker with the earlier submission time.  There were a number of ties that had to go to submission times to determine placement!

Here are the top 10 fish for the month of September:

1. Dave Jaskiewicz - 20.25" (Sept 3)
2. Jim Morrissey - 20.25" (Sept 5)
3. Kenneth Sims - 19.50"
4. Mike Kohler - 18.25"
5. Rob Birchmeier - 17.75"
6. Chad Quick - 17.00"
7. Darrell Olson - 16.75" (Sept 28)
8. Joe Quick - 16.75" (Sept 30)
9. Troy Garrison - 15.50" (Sept 13)
10. Josh Swain - 15.50" (Sept 17)

Congrats to all anglers on their catches!
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