Saturday, August 12, 2017

August Meet & Greet + HOW Event Report

The Lowcountry Kayak Anglers went to a brand-new spot for a monthly Meet & Greet:  Wee Tee Lake in the Wee Tee State Forest, near Andrews, SC.  Good little ride up there, so most met-up as a group in Moncks Corner to caravan to the lake.

Wee Tee is a 'oxbow lake' - basically a cut-off river channel from the nearby Santee River.  Lots of fish in there, with all types and varieties of freshwater fish available to the angler.  Many reports of crappie, bowfin, bass, catfish, warmouth, and bream being caught during the event.  We had sporadic showers early in the day but the sun peeked-out around the time the anglers came back to the launch to eat a hotdog off the grill.

Thanks to all the club members, vets, and new faces that came out to fish with us.  Thanks to Andy Hagedon for the wonderful photos!  Visit his website to find out more about his photography services...

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