Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May Meet & Greet + HOW Event Report

The May 2017 Meet & Greet and Heroes On The Water Event was held at Murrells Inlet, at the Oyster Launch off Hwy 17.  We had a great attendance of club members and Heroes!  Thanks to all for coming out to fish and fellowship with us...and a extra-big thanks to Mike Eady for helping the Lowcountry SC Chapter of HOW at this event by providing kayaks and gear.  If you are looking for a fishing guide for the Murrells Inlet/Myrtle Beach area - visit Mike's website at

Also we would like to thank our volunteers for helping out with guiding and the afternoon lunch! (Thanks Noah!)

Saturday, May 6, 2017

LKA April 2017 Angler of the Month

The 2017 club year kicked off on April 1st, and with it came the 2017 Angler of the Year competition.  Largemouth Bass was the first target-species of the eight-month competition.

We are happy to congratulate Jim Morrissey of Goose Creek for winning the first month of the AOY!
LKA April Angler of the Month - Jim Morrissey
Jim caught a nice 21.5" bass to secure first place for the month...with the monthly win, he picks up a $20 gift card to The Charleston Angler.

Congrats Jim!

Here are the length results for April:

1.   Jim Morrissey  21.50"
2.   Dave Jaskiewicz  21"
3.   Zebediah Goldston 19.50"
4.   Collin Yoder 19.25"
5.   Paul Speranza  18.50"
6.   Sam Quick  18.25"
7.   Trey Carden  18"
8.   Chris Davis  17.75"
9.   Andy Hagedon  17.50"
10.   Chad Quick  17.25"*
11.   Josh Swain  17.25"*
12.   Frank Stiver  17"
13.   Keith Umberger  16.75"  
14.   Darrell Olson  16.25"  
15.   Troy Garrison  15"
16.   Kenneth Sims  14.50"*
17.   Mike Kohler  14.50"*
18.   Rick Bunch  12.50"
19.   Jaime Vega  11.25"

*In case of length tie, tiebreaker is email submission time

For full AOY standings, including points, please visit our Angler of the Year page...

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