Sunday, December 4, 2016

LKA Paradise Island Lost Meet and Greet

The Lost LKA October Meet & Greet was held at Paradise Landing in Awendaw SC on Sunday October 23 at 8:00 AM. This was my last Meet and Greet before moving to Maryland and never had the time to post any pics so I am updating the blog a little late : ) I had a great time fishing with my LKA brothers and sisters one last time before moving to Maryland and wish everyone the best. Hopefully I will make it back down to fish more meet and greets in the future with my turtle brothers. 

I want to thank Lewis for grilling up the Hot Dogs and Josh for bringing me a 6 pack of Pluff Mud to send me on my way. I really appreciate all the support and wish LKA the best. 

Tight Lines to my all my LKA fishing brothers and sisters. 

Morning Captains Meeting

My Second Redfish

Excited Redfish tail all lit up from the ZMan

ZMan glow Shrimp

Thanks to Josh Swain for bringing me a 6 pack of Pluff Mud

Sarah Billig catching a nice size Trout.

Sarah and her Trout

Thanks to Sarah for hooking me up with a tasty Trout

Peace out and Tight Lines LKA Brothers and Sisters! 

Robert Malone aka escobar : )

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