Friday, November 11, 2016

LKA Challenges

The target-species Angler of the Year competition will be wrapping up this month, but the chances to fish and compete for a $20 gift certificate will continue!

For the remaining months of the 2016 club year (December-March) there will be monthly challenges for our club members who like to do some cold-weather fishing.  Here is a breakdown of each month's challenge targets:

December:  Redfish Spot Competition - The angler who catches a redfish with the most spots on one side wins!

January:  Catfish - The winter catfish can get big on the Santee Cooper lakes...the angler who catches the longest catfish in January wins!

February:  Shad - The shad will be running...the angler with the longest shad caught for the month wins!

March:  Most Species - The angler who catches the most fish species for the month wins!

Keep an eye on the website for more details...

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