Sunday, September 25, 2016

LKA Hunting Island Meet and Greet

The 2016 September Meet & Greet, plus HOW Event, was held at Hunting Island State Park, a 5000 acre semi-tropical barrier island offering one of the largest public beaches in the Lowcountry, located just outside Beaufort, SC. This park truly is a hidden slice of paradise offering amazing hiking, fishing and camping facilities about hours drive from Charleston, SC. 

The LKA crew launched from the lagoon located behind the sand dunes with the ocean directly on the other side. It was very relaxing catching bait and fishing while listening to the sound of the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean in background. 

Special Thanks to Lewis Brownlee again for grilling up some dogs and providing nice cold drinks that always hit the spot after a fun day of yak fishing. 

Getting ready to head out

LKA heading out to catch some fish

First time catching a Whiting on a ZMAN Trout Trick

Taking a break from fishing to check out the amazing beaches

Eric Gadson and Jason Dammer catching Flounder and Black Drum

Jason Dammer and his Black Drum

Lewis Brownlee caught this nice Convict off of a live shrimp

Lewis's Convict did not go quietly 

Mike Scicchitano with a nice batch

Hunting Island Beach

Thanks to Lewis for grilling up some tasty dogs

Doggie Selfie 

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