Tuesday, September 6, 2016

August Angler of the Month

The Lowcountry Kayak Anglers wishes to recognize our Angler of the Month for August 2016:  Jim Morrissey of Goose Creek.

Sunfish was the August target species, and Jim won first place for the month by catching a big 11.5" shellcracker.  By winning the month, Jim takes home a $20 gift certificate to The Charleston Angler.

Jim was fishing the Goose Creek Reservoir, and caught the big one on a green beetlespin.  He reported that he went through a number of smaller fish before the big one finally hit in deeper water.

Here's the top ten finishers for the month:

1.   Jim Morrissey
2.   Trey Carden
3.   Joshua Swain
4.   Zebediah Goldston
5.   Sam Quick
6.   Chad Quick
7.   William Swain
8.   Rob Birchmeier
9.   Dave Jaskiewicz
10. Darrell Olson

Congrats to all anglers on your catches!
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