Sunday, August 21, 2016

LKA + HOW "Bag-a-Bream" and Fish Fry

The 2016 August Meet & Greet and Heroes on the Water "Bag-a-Bream" and Fish Fry event was held at the Bettis Boat Ramp, Hanahan SC (Goose Creek Reservoir). This was great chance to do a little freshwater fishing and catch some really cool Panfish. Then we fried up our catch and had a great time hanging out and enjoying some tasty fried fish. Special thanks to Josh Swain for presenting a really informative seminar on how to catch these little guys earlier that the week at the Charleston Angler. 

Josh Swain teaching about catch Panfish

Rob Malone's first Panfish

Will Swain's catch of the day

Checking out the cool colors

We got cool identifier Koozies for the event

Another cool one

Little Gator action

Heading back for the Weigh-in

Time to start cleaning this little guys

Cleaning the fish

Chef Jaime in action
Chef Lewis in action

Congrats team Jaime

Congrats Team Jaskiewicz

Congrats William

Congrats on First Place

Time to eat

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