Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Time of Year

The fall of the year is my time of year - I can finally do more catching!

A Fun-Sized Red - caught by Darrell Olson
Our inshore species are starting to bulk up for the colder months.  They are grabbing what they can before the majority of the bait head out to warmer waters.

Get out and throw plastics!  Even if you have horrible luck with artificials during the warmer months, you'll find that fish are a little less picky this time of year.

You can't beat live bait, either.  After all - the fish are homing-in on these fleeing shrimp and finger mullet.  Post some bottomed-rigged offerings around the usual spots, like creek mouths and structure such as oyster beds and dock pilings.  Hold on tight!

Go get 'em...good luck!
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