Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Time of Year

The fall of the year is my time of year - I can finally do more catching!

A Fun-Sized Red - caught by Darrell Olson
Our inshore species are starting to bulk up for the colder months.  They are grabbing what they can before the majority of the bait head out to warmer waters.

Get out and throw plastics!  Even if you have horrible luck with artificials during the warmer months, you'll find that fish are a little less picky this time of year.

You can't beat live bait, either.  After all - the fish are homing-in on these fleeing shrimp and finger mullet.  Post some bottomed-rigged offerings around the usual spots, like creek mouths and structure such as oyster beds and dock pilings.  Hold on tight!

Go get 'em...good luck!

Monday, October 19, 2015

LKA Member Competing in Hobie Worlds

LKA club member Dave Jaskiewicz has had a banner year of kayak fishing.  Not only did he make a clean sweep of the IFA Atlantic Division events, but his last victory secured an invite to the Hobie World Fishing Championship, being held this year in China.

To read a bio on Dave, visit his profile page on the Hobie Worlds site:

His friends have started a crowdfunding page to help get him over to China:

Good luck and safe travels, Dave!

Dave Jaskiewicz

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Octoberfest Meet and Greet

The October Lowcountry Kayak Anglers Meet and Greet was held at Copahee this year. Fortunately the tide was high in morning so we didn't have to do the Copahee Stomp through the pluff mud to make it out to the sound. Around noon the rain clouds started to show up so I headed in just in time with enough water to make back to the landing. Others that returned after me had to stomp through the pluff mud in the rain but all and all it was a great time and was glad the weather held off long enough to make it back.  I had one red that kept attacking my bait and jumping out of the water but then it let go : ( Others seem to do better than me catching Reds and Trout out in the Inter Coastal. Here are some pics of the Meet and Greet.

Crack of Dawn Morning Launch

Morning Sunrise over Copahee
Lewis with a nice Trout and is now on the board

Greg with a nice Red

I have to follow Greg next time

Hard to see Chris in the background doing the Copahee Stomp

Glad to make it back to the landing before the rain shows up

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