Sunday, July 26, 2015

July Meet and Greet HOW Event at Murrells Inlet

The LKA July Meet and Greet and Heroes on the Water event took place this year at the Oyster Recycling Center at Murrells Inlet.  First we met up at Pawley's Island Outdoors which might have been a mistake since everyone wanted to go shopping in the store instead of fishing. Lewis had fresh coffee and donuts outside which really hit the spot and once we got everyone out of the store it was time to head to Murrells inlet to do some fishing. 
LKA Group Shot
Mike Eady owner of Kayak Fishing and Hunting briefing LKA on safety and fishing the inlet
Greg caught a nice Butterfly ray in his cast net
Heading out

Darrell catching a nice Red
21 inch Red caught by Darrell in his Jackson Big Rig
Jaime and Greg yakfishing in a nice little spot
Sarah sporting her new Jackson Kayak
Perfect Size Red
Rob Caught a nice 18 inch Flounder on the ZMAN
Caught a 14 inch Flounder on the Root Beer MinnowZ ZMAN
Having a great time at the LKA Meet and Greet
Todd and Frank chillin next to their yaks
Frank in his new ride
Nice shot
 Trevor  catching a nice Flounder later in the day

Time to eat some hot dogs and relax

Thanks to Josh for grilling up some yummy dogs steamed in beer

GoPro video of the Meet and Greet!

Thanks again to everyone who worked hard to make this really great day possible.
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