Thursday, September 18, 2014

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to our temporary home on the interwebs...

My name is Lewis - my handle is "Elgeebee" on the kayak fishing forums that I frequent.  I was recently voted in as the president of the Lowcountry Kayak Anglers club (LKA).

The LKA exists to bring the greater-Charleston area kayak anglers together as an organized group, to promote the sport of kayak fishing.  Kayak Fishing is exploding in popularity - we want to act as a body to promote the safe pursuit of the sport, educate newcomers to kayak fishing, and facilitate fellowship among the many kayak anglers here in the lowcountry.  We would also like to organize events geared towards kayak anglers, like the monthly Meet and Greets, kayak fishing tournaments like the "Redfishville Shootout", and also foster sportsmanship among members with an annual Angler of the Year competition.

We voted on bylaws a couple months ago, and just recently voted on officers.  We anticipate starting the dues-phase of the club next year, when the club will have a complete calendar year so members can feel like they got their money's worth out of the club.  If we started a Angler of the Year competition now, it would be an abbreviated tourney.  Right now, we have no expenses so we will finish this year and look ahead to next year to roll out a full-slate of club activities.  Dues will be $25 for individual membership, and a family membership for $50.

Member dues would go toward prizes for the 'Angler of the Year' competition, tournament expenses such as promotional materials like shirts and advertising, insurance for club functions that will require it, food and drink for a yearly cookout, club items like stickers, t-shirts, etc as voted for by members.  If the club deems a new website necessary, the cost of domains, hosting, etc would come from member dues.  Surplus funds beyond regular expenses can be distributed to charities of the member's choosing, too.  LKA will function as a not-for-profit.

We got past the main organizing phase, so we are functioning on a bi-monthly meeting schedule.  We do regular Meet and Greets every month.  Keep an eye on this website for meeting dates/times.

Thanks for visiting!  If you have any questions - email me directly at or catch me at a Meet and Greet...

-Lewis Brownlee
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