Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Garris Landing Meet and Greet

LKA Meet and Greet at Garris Landing

Garris Public Boat Landing

LKA Crew

Time to Fish

Lewis caught a nice Trout

Baby Jaws

Be free little killer

Rob catching his first baby Shark of the day

First shark caught from the Tuna

Time to free this little guy

Looks like Gilligan's Island

Checking out the Yak

Darrell Checking out the landing

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sullivan's Island Meet and Greet

Lowcountry Kayak Anglers Crew

It looked like everyone had a really great time at the Lowcountry Kayak Anglers June Meet and Greet, located at Station 22 on Sullivan's Island this year. After making the long trek down the beach lugging our Yaks we all enjoyed excellent wave riding instructions from Bob Hathcock an experience whitewater and ocean kayaker. The rest of the day was spent riding waves and flipping our Yaks up and down the beach while trying our best not to drown. Below are some photos of the fun times trying to surf the small Sullivan Island waves at Station 22.

Yak Shot

The day might have started out a little cloudy and rainy but cleared up around noon and then turned out to be a really nice day. 

Here comes the Sun

Greg about to take a dive

Greg taking a nice salt water plunge

Man down

Nice shot of the LKA crew far offshore

Surfing the Big Tuna

LKA Yaks

GoPro Video of the Lowcountry Kayak Anglers Meet and Greet

I had a really great time and thanks again to Bob Hathcock for his excellent wave riding instructions.
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